5 Reasons Why Travelling Alone is the Best

Pastoruri glacier, Huaraz, Peru
Pastoruri glacier, Huaraz, Peru


1. The Freedom:

You can literally do whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like. When you are travelling with someone, you will always need to compromise so that everyone is happy. But when you are travelling alone, you only have to please yourself.

2. The People:

If you already have company, it is less likely that you will reach out to converse with strangers. The same way for strangers who are less likely to approach you. Travelling alone, you will meet way more new people in your travels and will be free to choose to change your day’s plan and join any compelling invitation that comes up. In short, you will be travelling alone but will return with much more new friends.

3. Yourself:

Spending so much time alone will make you reflect more on your trip and on yourself. You will have enough time to clear up your head and think about what you really enjoy doing, and what you really dislike. You will learn to enjoy your own company and have a blast alone. You will be your favorite travel buddy.

4. Flexibility:

You will be more flexible to change your plans as you go. If you end up not liking a place, you can just easily pack up and leave to somewhere else. If you meet travellers who you would like to join, you can go ahead. You are completely free to change all your plans every day.

5. Two is a Crowd:

Whether you are hitchhiking or couchsurfing, people will always prefer to host or give a ride to just one person. You are easier to fit in an already crowded bus or car. And you are definitely more likely to be invited to a local meal by kind people you will meet on the way.

Note to all the female travellers, there is no reason being a woman should hold you back from solo travel. The limitations only exist when we put them there. Just as you can protect yourself and survive in your home town/city, you will survive anywhere in the world. Just do your research beforehand, stay confident, and always attentive to your surroundings.

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