Salt flats, Uyuni, Bolivia

Hello reader 🙂

My name is Salma El Hosseiny, I’m Egyptian, bored and raised in Cairo. You will always find me with a huge smile on my face 😀


I’m 27 years old and I studied political science and human rights law. I had been working in civil society over the Middle East and North Africa region for 5 years.

Although this blog has nothing to do with my professional background, it does have to do with my core passions in life: travel and writing.

Travelling has never failed to make me feel alive, happy and passionate.

Until this year, I had taken short trips on my vacations to travel to Europe, USA and South East Asia. During these travels, I met people who have been travelling long-term, for months, even years. At first, I grew jealous and full of envy because I wished I could do the same.  

Then I thought to myself, if they could do it, so can I! After all, these travellers were just average people like you and me.

So I set a deadline for myself, enrolled in a Spanish class, studied and saved intensely. At the start of 2016, I was happily unemployed and ready to explore all those places in South America I spent months reading about on the Internet.

I flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina and started living my dream of exploring South America.

I’m now fluent in Spanish, and introducing myself to you from a tiny Internet cafe in Mancora, a beach town in the northern coast of Peru.

What’s in it for you?

I truly believe that sharing is one of the most important virtues of humanity, and now it’s my turn to contribute to the travel community online. I will share with you everything from logistics (transport, expenses), to recommendations on places to visit and food to try out. I’ll also share with you funny and inspiring stories from those I cross on the road. And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, so expect a lot of photos of breathtaking natural landscapes.

I hope that this blog can draw a smile on your face, and inspire you to follow your dreams and discover this vast world. After all, life is really too short to live it up only a few weeks a year! 

If you have any questions or comments, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Drop me a line at: salma.elhoseiny@gmail.com





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